Game of Thrones vs. Bud Light Super Bowl Commercial

Published: / Featured Fandoms: Game of Thrones

Oh, that poor, poor Bud Knight. He had no idea what he was up against when Game of Thrones invaded Budweiser's Bud Light Super Bowl commercial.

Game of Thrones vs. Bud Light

Game of Thrones fans knew what was coming, but the two people left on Earth who haven't yet watched the HBO series may have been a little confused. What was happening when The Mountain put his monster hands on the fallen Bud Knight's helm?

Let Ellaria Sand remind you.

Ellaria Sand Reacts to The Mountain vs. The Viper


Kudos to Budweiser for sacrificing their brave mascot to the Lord of Light. May he grant the King of Beers a long reign and vanquish usurpers to its throne.

The Bud Light King and Queen