This is the episode I've been most excited for this season. I am a big Constantine fan, and it was really sad to see the show get cancelled by NBC. The fans campaigned long and hard for a second season, and then for another network to pick it up. Neither of those things happened, BUT the folks at Arrow and CW were kind enough to resurrect the character for this guest appearance. They also took the steps of pulling his original wardrobe out of storage and were kind enough to bring him in as the full character we know from the NBC series with backstory intact; it would have been very easy for them to just give us Constantine in name only, but they went above and beyond to treat the fans with the respect they deserve. The reason that Constantine fans have been so vocal, I think, is because Matt Ryan brings so much authenticity to the role. There aren't many other examples of an actor so perfectly cast or a role so perfectly portrayed. This was a really fun episode for Constantine fans, with just enough nods to us to not derail the Arrow story; the peacock feather (NBC, cough), the familiar music. I hope we see more of John Constantine in the CW/DC Universe now that he's officially joined it. Thank you, CW and Arrow producers. You treat fans with true respect.
- on November 15th 2015 at 9:00am

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