Constantine Animated CW Seed Series First Look

Luke Watson| Oct 08, 2017

Constantine Animated CW Seed Series First Look

Constantine lived fast and died young on NBC, but Matt Ryan's take on the character gets new life thanks to CW Seed! While John Constantine has already made the jump into the CW DC Universe with a guest appearance in Arrow, this new series will keep his flame burning over the course of 5 or 6 (not yet confirmed) 10 minute episodes.

The hope, of course, is that Matt Ryan will reprise the role in live action, ideally in a dedicated series, but, at least, as a regular or recurring face in one of the other DC shows. Legends of Tomorrow -- I'm looking at you! In the meantime, take pleasure in the fact that, although it may be animated, the new Constantine is no cartoon.

Check out this scene from the upcoming CW Seed series while we wait for an official premiere date.


A demon hunter and a girl with second sight travel the country fighting evil.

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