Marvel's Runaways Teaser for Hulu

Luke Watson| Oct 07, 2017

Marvel's Runaways Teaser for Hulu

Marvel and Netflix have had a great run with a gritty, violent, and dark vision of the MCU. Marvel and ABC TV have ... well ... they've done a couple of shows. Now, Marvel is getting into bed with Hulu to birth a new generation of MCU heroes and villains. 

If you aren't familiar with the Runaways, it is about a group of kids with super powers who discover that their parents are super villains. What do they do about it? Spoiler alert! They run away. Now they have to uncover the secrets of their powers, and origins while righting the wrongs of the previous generation.

Marvel's Runaways hits Hulu on November 21, so if you want to be an MCU completist, you're gonna need that subscription.

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