The Walking Dead Robot Chicken Special

Luke Watson| Oct 07, 2017

The Walking Dead Robot Chicken Special

Robot Chicken is a show that skewers the superstars of pop-culture fandom, so it's only natural that the biggest show on cable gets the clay-mation treatment. Of course, what makes this Walking Dead Special extra-special is that the actual actors from the show will be lending their voices to the parody, including old favorites like Michael Rooker as Merle, who we might not otherwise ever see in the role again.

The Robot Chicken Walking Dead special premieres October 8, just two weeks before the season 8 and 100th episode return of the series to help fill the void in our Sundays. In the meantime, check out these previews!

The Robot Chicken Walking Dead Special Preview

SDCC Exclusive Robot Chicken Walking Dead Preview

Happy Glenndings Spinoff Trailer

The Walking Dead

Officer Rick Grimes wakes from a coma into a world terrorised by the walking dead.

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