Adam West's Batman vs. William Shatner's Two-Face

Luke Watson| Aug 12, 2017

Adam West's Batman vs. William Shatner's Two-Face

Adam West may be gone, but he left us one last performance as Batman. He and Burt Ward's Robin face-off with an animated Two-Face voiced by William Shatner in Batman vs. Two-Face!

This is a sequel to the animated movie Return of the Caped Crusaders, which put West and Ward back in their iconic roles from 1966 without having to squeeze into costumes.

Shockingly, Two-Face never appeared in the Batman 1966 TV series, although this story was adapted from a script that was never shot. While Clint Eastwood is said to have been up for the live action role, William Shatner has made the leap into Gotham in this incarnation. It wouldn't be hard to imagine William Shatner in his prime taking on Adam West, and this animated adventure does an incredible job of representing both actors' 1966 likenesses.

Another face from Batman's rogues' gallery who never appeared in the original TV series is featured here. Hugo Strange joins the gang, alongside animated adaptations of most of the original show's most notable villains.

Batman vs. Two-Face is available October 17 on Digital and Blu-ray, but you can preorder it now.

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