Binge This! in August - Movie & TV News

Luke Watson| Aug 06, 2017

Binge This! in August - Movie & TV News

Game of Thrones may be claiming most of our attention, but there are six nights of the week without new episodes, so let’s fill them with the big movies and TV shows hitting theaters, streaming services, and TV in August.
We’re hot off of San Diego Comic Con with plenty of trailers to choose from. Justice League and Thor: Ragnarok will soon battle it out at the box office, while Stranger Things and Westworld give us new footage to obsess over. And then there’s Old Man Rick from The Walking Dead season 8. Meanwhile, it remains to be seen whether an official Star Trek series or Seth MacFarlane’s Star Trek parody will better satisfy Trekkie needs.
It’s a big month for horror — especially if you’re a Stephen King fan. From big screen adaptations of The Dark Tower and IT, to Mr. Mercedes on TV, and Cujo and the Dead Zone streaming, there are many macabre tales to choose from.
On top of that, a slew of 1990s classics hit streaming services, premium cable, and … theaters? Yep.
And this is just the warm up for the Fall premieres!

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