10 Things You May Not Know About TWD

Luke Watson| Alltime10s Oct 11, 2015

10 Things You May Not Know About TWD

Some crazy trivia about The Walking Dead.

Here are some of my favorites:

  • Each episode costs $2.75 million but earns $11 million from TV alone.
  • Has been translated into 44 lanugages.
  • NBC and HBO both turned the show down.
  • A SWAT team was called when Merle was spotted on a roof with a gun for episode 2.
  • The casting process for Walkers.
  • The show uses over 136 liters of fake blood per episode.
  • All zombie noises are added in post production so as to not distract the actors.
  • Some Easter Eggs connecting Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead.
  • Robert Kirkman lied to Image Comics that aliens were behind the zombies to get it made.

I knew about some of these things, but most of them were surprising.

The Walking Dead

Officer Rick Grimes wakes from a coma into a world terrorised by the walking dead.

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