Gotham - The City Will be Torn Apart Trailer

Luke Watson| Apr 17, 2017

Gotham - The City Will be Torn Apart Trailer

Gotham returns on April 24th, and, as usual, the city is a war zone! Things are heating up between the rogues, the conspirators, the GCPD, and the orphaned billionaire in the middle. Check out this preview with a who's-who of villains, including The Riddler, Catwoman, Mr. Freeze, the Mad Hatter, Hugo Strange, Fish Mooney, the Court of Owls, Kinda-But-Not-Bruce-Wayne, and Ra's al Ghul.

On top of that, check out the transformation of young Master Bruce below. 
He has come a long way since the little boy who lost his parents in episode one.

And, if you need to catch up before Gotham's triumphant return, here's a quick guide.


Detective Jim Gordon navigates the corrupt world of Gotham City.

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