Goodbye to The Walking Dead's Sasha

Luke Watson| Apr 15, 2017

Goodbye to The Walking Dead's Sasha

Spoiler alert if you haven't seen all of The Walking Dead season 7. We've long suspected that Sasha would be exiting the show, mainly because Sonequa Martin-Green has been cast in the lead role in the new Star Trek: Discovery series, but also because Sasha has been playing fast-and-loose with her life for a long time. If any character in this show could be accused of having a death wish, it has definitely been Sasha at various times throughout her story arc. Of course, this is mostly because she has experienced more than her fair share of tragedy. First she lost her brother Tyreese to his full-time baby-sitting job ... and a walker bite, then she lost her lover, Bob, in a barbecue accident, then she finally recovered and found happiness with Abraham, before catching him smooching with Lucille ... in a manner of speaking.

Season 7 will be remembered for many things. Bad pacing. Pickles. A tiger. But it might also be remembered for Sasha. The tireless warrior who refused to take anyone's shit and was willing to sacrifice it all in pursuit of justice and revenge.

We were perplexed when the show introduced comic book fan-favorite Tyreese and he never really did anything, but you were the fortunate byproduct of his introduction ... a TV-original who grew as the series went on, carving out a niche in the group, becoming the face of the internal suffering of the apocalypse, and standing out in a sea of increasingly bland characters. You may be gone, but your legacy will Live Long and Prosper.

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