Real-Life Los Pollos Hermanos Restaurant at SXSW

Luke Watson| Mar 11, 2017

Real-Life Los Pollos Hermanos Restaurant at SXSW

The infamous fast-food chicken chain from Breaking Bad has come to life! Fans can finally try Gus Fring's curly fries at the Los Pollos Hermanos pop-up restaurant at South by Southwest 2017 in Austin, Texas. The temporary location was created to promote the upcoming season of Better Call Saul, the Breaking Bad prequel, that will be re-introducing Giancarlo Eposito's Gus Fring in its 3rd year.

Outside Los Pollos Hermanos you'll find Jimmy McGill's Suzuki Esteem and the chain's chicken mascot holding a sign, aka, two awesome selfie-opps.

If you happen to be in Austin and want to swing by for fried chicken or a meth deal on the low, this pop-ip is located at 122 W. 5th Street on the corner of 5th and Colorado. They're giving away free curly fries!

If you can't make it to Austin during this installation, there is still hope! Linda Schupack, AMC's EVP of Marketing told AdWeek that “There are all sorts of opportunities with Los Pollos Hermanos, and as far as an actual chain of Los Pollos Hermanos, never say never.”

If you missed the spoof commercial, check it out below!

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