The Wolf and the Hound Parody VHS

Luke Watson| Alex Jones Mar 05, 2017

The Wolf and the Hound Parody VHS

Game of Thrones was at its peak when Arya and The Hound were roaming the countryside, squabbling with each other, and murdering strangers. What if that was a 1990s-style comedy? It works surprisingly well, and I miss their adventures so much that I'd probably watch it this way just to scratch the itch.

Arya Stark and Sandor Clegane's story, re-imagined as an HBO Home Video classic. Meet Arya, a little firecracker with a bit of a wild side. Meet Sandor, just a grumpy ol' guy with a heart of gold. They may come from different worlds, but now they'll have to put their differences aside and work together. What kind of hijinks are in store for these two!?

Game of Thrones

Noble families in the seven kingdoms of Westeros vie for control of the Iron Throne.

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