David Tennant Meets Peter Davison's Doctor in Time Crash

Luke Watson| Dec 26, 2016

David Tennant Meets Peter Davison's Doctor in Time Crash

The Doctor Who 2007 Children in Need special was extra special. It crashed David Tennant's 10th Doctor into Peter Davison's 5th Doctor -- literally. This rare meeting of Doctors, especially between classic and new incarnations of the series, is a Whovian's dream come true.

Perhaps Tennant's #10 summed that feeling up best ...

"You know, I loved being you. Back when I first started, at the very beginning, I was always trying to be old and grumpy and important — like you do, when you're young. And then I was you. And it was all dashing about and playing cricket and my voice going all squeaky when I shouted. I still do that, the voice thing, I got that from you. Oh, and the trainers. And..." [putting his glasses on] "snap! 'Cos you know what, Doctor? You were my Doctor."

On a side note, this Tennant and Davison are more than familiar with each other. In fact, they put the "family" in familiar". Tennant is married to Davison's only daughter, Georgia Moffett. Hang on -- it gets weirder. Georgia is the daughter of a Doctor, is married to a Doctor, and portrayed the daughter of the Doctor she's married to in the episode "The Doctor's Daughter" -- in which she plays Jenny. This all makes for a fun family reunion, on screen or off!

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