Stream Constantine Episodes for Free!

Luke Watson| Jul 04, 2016

Stream Constantine Episodes for Free!

The petty dabbler of the dark arts is back! Sort of. CW Network's streaming video service, CW Seed, has the entirety of John Constantine's first (and only) season from the tragically short lived NBC TV series. 

The 13-episode series premieres on NBC in the Fall of 2014 and quickly won over a rabid, passionate fan-based, dubbed Hell Blazers. Unfortunately, this fan base was not large enough to keep the show on air, as the ratings fell short of NBC's high expectations and the network declined to pick up the anticipated, additional 9 episodes planned for season one. As a result, the show does end on a bit of a cliffhanger, but, thanks to Warner TV, CW, the producers of Arrow, and vocal fans, Matt Ryan's Constantine did make an appearance in season 4, episode 5 of Arrow, called Haunted.

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When John Constantine stepped into Arrow, he brought with him the intact continuity of the Constantine TV series. This is not a reinterpretation of the character, but the same one we left in episode 13 of NBC's Constantine from the trenchcoat to the attitude. Now that CW Seed has picked up the streaming rights to Constantine, let's hope that we get more of Matt Ryan's conjurer in the ever-expanding CW/DC universe!

Constantine Series Trailer

Arrow's Haunted Trailer



A demon hunter and a girl with second sight travel the country fighting evil.

S1E1: Non Est Asylum

Essential: 66.66666666666667% Yes | 33.333333333333% No

A friend's daughter needs John Constantine's help.

S1E2: The Darkness Beneath

Essential: % Yes | 100% No

A Welsh spirit threatens residents of a mining community.

S1E3: The Devil's Vinyl

Essential: % Yes | 100% No

John is faced with a powerful new adversary.

S1E4: A Feast of Friends

Essential: % Yes | 100% No

A friend of Constantine's accidentally releases a demon.

S1E5: Danse Vaudou

Essential: % Yes | 100% No

A ritual to communicate with the dead takes a deadly turn.

S1E6: Rage of Caliban

Essential: % Yes | 100% No

John must perform an exorcism when a malevolent spirit takes over a young boy.

S1E7: Blessed Are the Damned

Essential: % Yes | 100% No

A preacher gains a mysterious new ability.

S1E8: The Saint of Last Resorts

Essential: % Yes | 100% No

A member of the Newcastle crew asks John and Chas for help.

S1E9: The Saint of Last Resorts: Part 2

Essential: % Yes | 100% No

John summons a demon into himself to fend off an attack.

S1E10: Quid Pro Quo

Essential: % Yes | 100% No

Thousands of people in Brooklyn slip into comas.

S1E11: A Whole World Out There

Essential: % Yes | 100% No

College students find their way to an alternate dimension.

S1E12: Angels and Ministers of Grace

Essential: % Yes | 100% No

John asks Manny to help him investigate a mysterious attack at a hospital.

S1E13: Waiting for the Man

Essential: % Yes | 100% No

Detective Jim Corrigan asks John and Zed for help with a case involving a missing girl.

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