Gotham Season One in 7 Minutes Recap

Luke Watson| Gotham Oct 03, 2015

Gotham Season One in 7 Minutes Recap

Catch up on Gotham Season One in just Seven Minutes!

Gotham season one introduced us to the city, its heroes, its villains, and its someday heroes and villains. Want to get caught up quickly and jump right into season two? Or maybe you just want to relive season one in the time it takes to microwave your lunch. Either way, check out this exceptional recap video that hits the high points and everything you need to know from Gotham's first season!


Detective Jim Gordon navigates the corrupt world of Gotham City.

S2E1: Rise of the Villains: Damned If You Do ...

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Against his better judgment, Detective James Gordon asks Penguin for help; Bruce explores secrets hidden in his father's office.

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