The Flash Season 5 Trailer SDCC

Luke Watson| Jul 22, 2018

The Flash Season 5 Trailer SDCC

New Speedster. Check. Time travel problems. Check. Mysterious villain whose identity is hidden. Check. This must be the new season of The Flash. But the ring is new. Sort of.

The Flash: Mo' Speedsters, Mo' Problems

In the last super-sized crossover of The Flash, Arrow, Supergirl, and Legends of Tomorrow, we briefly met a young woman who clearly had a larger backstory than was revealed in her few minutes onscreen. This trailer answers the long-simmering question of her identity.

Meet Nora, Barry and Iris's daughter from ... the future!

Yes, The Flash's future-daughter is a speedster. Yes, she traveled through time. Yes, she's made a mess of things somehow. In other words, she's a chip off the ol' block.

Of course, Nora is keeping secrets from Team Flash, and it's safe to assume that they relate to the mystery villain shown in the trailer's final moments. We'll find out who he is after a season's worth of build-up, because The Flash, that's why.

The Flash season 5 speeds onto CW October 9, 2018.

The Flash

When a freak accident grants CSI Barry Allen superspeed, he uses the power to solve crimes.

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