Wrath of the Villains: This Ball of Mud and Meanness


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This is a big episode in the Wayne murder story and can't be missed. It sets Bruce firmly on the path to become Batman, has some great Alfred moments, and also sets the Riddler up with a nemesis.

Alfred fights a man named Cupcake for info to track down Bruce's parents' murderer.

Maniax obsessed singer, Jeri, points Bruce toward Matches Malone, his parents' killer.

Bruce confronts Matches Malone, but doesn't kill him. Leaves a gun and Matches kills himself.

Strange certifies Penguin sane and lets him leave Arkham, keeping further plans secret.

Jim closes the Wayne murder case with Matches' confession and death, but doesn't know who paid him.

Jim asks Ed about Kristen Kringle, convincing Ed that Jim is out to get him and must be stopped.

Bruce leaves Alfred a note. He's left to learn life on the street with Selina & one day help Gotham.

Hugo Strange

"People are afraid of progress, Ms. Peabody, and yet, somehow, we keep progressing."

- Hugo Strange
Edward Nygma/The Future Riddler

"I'm strong as a rock, but a word can destroy me. What am I? Silence. I've heard nothing."

- Edward Nygma/The Future Riddler

"See, Master Bruce, big muscles require lots of blood. Strength costs wind. Now, if you're gonna beat a big man, all you have to do... is outlast him."

- Alfred

"Pick your battles. Don't let them pick you."

- Alfred
Selina Kyle/The Future Catwoman

"Ain't no point in an unloaded gun. Guns aren't for show, Bruce. And they're not for protection. They're only for one thing."

- Selina Kyle/The Future Catwoman

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