Carl Grimes

Carl Grimes

Carl Grimes

1 Recorded Appearances

Portrayed by: Chandler Riggs,

Aliases: Carl,

S1E1: No Way Out

Essential: 9% Yes | 0% No

Now that walkers have shown up inside the gates of Alexandria, Rick and the other survivors are scared and outnumbered.

S1E1: The Next World

Essential: 6% Yes | 0% No

A simple scavenging run proves to be more tricky, when the survivors are not the only ones after a goldmine of supplies.

S1E1: Claimed

Essential: 2% Yes | 1% No

Rick faces a number of threats while Carl and Michonne look for supplies; Glenn and Tara meet strangers on an important missio; other group members deal with their pasts.

S1E1: Bloodletting

Essential: 1% Yes | 2% No

Rick discovers a possible safe haven; Shane must go on a dangerous mission to get needed medical supplies.

S1E1: What Lies Ahead

Essential: 3% Yes | 0% No

Rick leads the group out of Atlanta; the group is stopped by a threat unlike anything anyone has seen before; the search for someone who has gone missing.

S1E1: Tell It to the Frogs

Essential: 2% Yes | 1% No

Rick goes back to Atlanta to save a man's life; Lori and Shane deal with the surprise return of someone they thought was dead.

S1E1: Cherokee Rose

Essential: 0% Yes | 3% No

Shane makes a deadly sacrifice that inspires unusual behavior and self-distancing; the rest of the group struggles to find the balance between living to die and dying to live.

S1E1: Save the Last One

Essential: 1% Yes | 2% No

The group awaits Shane's return; Shane finds himself trapped in a school; Daryl and Andrea search for someone in the woods.

S1E1: Start to Finish

Essential: 2% Yes | 3% No

After a few moments of peace, trouble finds its way to Alexandria again with a threat that may be too big to defeat.

S1E1: Clear

Essential: 3% Yes | 0% No

Realizing they are outgunned, Rick leads an expedition to get more weapons and fortify their group against the Governor and his forces.

Carl Grimes

"Look, man. I get it. My dad killed your dad. But you need to know something — your dad was an asshole."

- Carl Grimes

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